What is your idea of a perfect holiday? A solo extravaganza? A family delight or a perfectly planned package trip?

The concept of travelling has undergone a remarkable change in the past few years. There was a time when travelling to a different country for pleasure was riches idea of lifestyle, but now it’s not the same. The travel industry is flourishing and so are the types of travel. Travel lovers can now choose a type of travel, which fits their lifestyle, budget, and requirements. In this blog, we will elaborate on how each category is different from another and how it helps you satisfy your wanderlust.

The best part about travelling is that it makes you learn more, experience more and see a lot more. In our lifetime, we travel for different purposes and in different styles. When we travel to a foreign land, we not only get to see the major highlights of that particular destination, but also gain historical, cultural and geographical knowledge, which helps us grow as a human. Each time we travel, we fuel our mind with more noesis and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

With so many types of travel available, we bring you a lil’ elaborated explanation about what the hype is all about.

Solo Travel

The most unique concept and the most sought-after concept of travel is solo travel, where you embark on a journey to some different land, all alone. In this type of travel you are not dependent on anybody for anything. Destination, hotel, where to go, where to shop, where to drink- every decision is yours. Travelling alone will let you befriend new people at bars, restaurants, markets, streets or at cafés from all around the world. Solo travelling is a unique experience, which makes you learn how to be independent and self-sufficient.

Travel With Family

We all love our family, our parents, our kids, and it doesn’t matter how much time we spend with them at home, we crave more. “Family who travels together, stays together”, is what we completely believe in. Exploring different places with your family brings you closer to them. It lets you see a different side of your kids, your spouse and of your parents, which you usually can’t unleash inside the walls of your home.

Travel With Friends

Friends play a very significant part in our lives. From our school days to college life and birthday parties to weddings, we need our partners-in-crime to help us, support us and laugh with us. And, when we go on a fun trip with our friends, it just adds-on to our list of memories, which we can cherish forever. Exploring different territories, overcoming fears, and clicking those perfectly weird shots of each other, brings us closer and lets us grow-up together. One must travel with his/her friends at least once in their lifetime.

The Group Tour

Travelling with a group of unknown people should be on your bucket list. It teaches you sharing, caring and bonding with strangers. This category of travel is perfect for those travel freaks, who are not looking for a solo trip, but have no one to join them for their expedition. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you want to visit and how you wish to relish your trip, just contact a travel agency and they will help you find a group tour where you can fit-in perfectly.

The package Trip

If you are like those travelers who like to plan everything beforehand and then embark the journey, then package holidays are your kind of a thing. But, if you have friends who are hardcore backpackers, then there are chances that you might get some negative inputs and frowning, but that really doesn’t matter as you do deserve a holiday where you can just relax without any planning and stress.  So now, just pick up your preferred destination, and leave everything on your travel agent.  But yes, the most important decision is still yours, and i.e., which drink to order while relaxing during your vacay- Moito or Pina Colada J.

The Weekend Break

If you are busy with your hectic schedule of working from 9 to 5 at your workstation, but still want some unlaxing to revive your mind, body and soul, then the weekend getaways are your thing.  Select any nearby destination, book your flight tickets and fly for an amazing extravaganza, which will help you take a break from your monotonous lifestyle. The weekend breaks are short, but the most exciting ones too.


Backpacking is more common among youngsters, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try it. All that this kind of travel requires is a backpacker, his backpack and zeal to explore new places. Backpacking usually involves, staying at hostels with unknown backpackers, finding cheapest travel deals, and eating options. It’s all about saving more and exploring a lot more.

Luxury Travel

Luxury- the name says it all. This category involves comfort, style and lavishness. Yes, this is what Luxury travel is all about. Imagine travelling on a first class flight, staying in the nicest of hotels, dining at the most luxurious restaurants around and making your friends feel jealous through your Instagram updates.